Procurement, Inventory, and Production

Find here an overview of the various resources available to help you optimize your operations.

Inventory List

Should fire or theft happen, you will want to account for the lost business equipment. Here you can find an equipment inventory list template.

Managing your Inventory

Get to know how to save money by managing your inventory efficiently! Watch the eLearning video here.

Production Planning in 5 Steps

Learn why production planning is important and the main steps involved in the production planning and controlling process.

Purchase Order

Download a PO template. A PO is a document issued by a buyer to a supplier to confirm the order of a product/service, in a determined quantity and agreed price.

Quality: What It Is and Why It Matters

Learn what quality means and why it is important to offer quality products and services and to comply with national and international quality standards.

Request for Proposal

Download a RFP template. An RFP is a document specifying the requirements of a planned purchase. Learn about the main section your RFP should include.

Request for Quotation

Download a RFQ template. An RFQ is a document listing requirements of a planned purchase. Learn about the main sections your RFQ should include.

Securing Your Inventory and Property

Use techniques outlined in the article, such as inventory audits, inventory control policy and others, to secure business property and prevent inventory theft.